Cheryl Derricotte Mines the Museum for Haunting Images of Slave Trade

Cheryl Patrice Derricotte‘s Ghosts/Ships offers a glimpse into the global African slave trade that is both subtle and direct in its links between past and present, culture and place. Inspired by Fred Wilson’s 1992-1993 project Mining the Museum — in which Wilson paired unlikely images and artifacts for a jolting and honest representation of America’s relationship with slavery — Derricotte mined the British Museum for public domain images related to the global African slave trade, merging them with contemporary mediums.

On display through April 3 at the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco as part of their Emerging Artists Program, Ghosts/Ships invites visitors into a world of haunting images and words rendered in glass, paper and video.

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Burning Ice

Burning Ice will include selections of my past work dealing with environmental themes including “Katrina’s House” (2007), “Future House” (2009) and “Gentrification by Nature: The Tornado Project” with David Naito (2003).

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Ghosts/Ships Exhibition

For the second exhibition of the Museum of the African Diaspora's Emerging Artists Program, Cheryl Patrice Derricotte pays homage to Fred Wilson's "Mining the Museum", by "mining the library"--the British Library--for images related to the global slave trade.

Through work on glass and paper, Ghosts/Ships shares MoAD's four themes by uncovering historical representations of slavery to reveal a glimpse into the enduring legacy of the dispersal of African peoples throughout the world.

Museum of the African Diaspora
685 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Photography by Nye Lyn Tho.