For the second exhibition of the Emerging Artists Program, local artist Cheryl Patrice Derricotte, pays homage to Fred Wilson's "Mining the Museum", by "mining the library"-the British Library-for images related to the global slave trade. Through work on glass and paper, Ghosts/Ships shares MoAD's four themes by uncovering historical representations of slavery to reveal a glimpse into the enduring legacy of the dispersal of African peoples throughout the world.

Museum of the African Diaspora is committed to providing local artists opportunities to generate and exhibit work reflecting the cultural and artistic richness of the African Diaspora.

Cheryl Patrice Derricotte was selected from over 45 applicants in MoAD's inaugural artist call program. Her exhibition for MoAD's Emerging Artists Program with Ghosts/Ships had an opening reception January 28, 2016 and ran through April 3, 2016.

Photography by Nye Lyn Tho.